Trigger Point Release

"On January 5, 2016 I came to see Debbie.  I was unable to bend my left leg at the knee. She did Trigger Point Release on my calf and thigh coupled with essential oil application.  She instucted me on home exercises to do.  Two weeks later I went for my next session and could bend my knee nearly  90 degrees and the pain was greatly diminished.  After 4 weeks of home exercises and 2 sessions I have no more pain, and can bend my knee normally.  I am amazed !! 


 Valerie Patriquin February 29, 2016


"I won a 60 minute session with Debbie through the annual Credit Union Raffle here in Tumbler Ridge. My first visit with her was the C.A.R.M.ic Intuitive Technique that she does which includes Cranio Sacral, Reiki, Aroma Touch and Meridian Massage. I found the session to be very relaxing but the thing that impressed me the most was the relief I got from her  working on my shoulder.  I have had pain and limited mobility in my right shoulder for many years and had started to receive cortisone shots to help with the pain. I continued to see Debbie for regular sessions on my shoulder. Along with the session, Debbie gave me "homework" to do which involved exercises that helped break down the tight muscle bands that were causing the restrictions. At the end of the 5 sessions, my shoulder is pain free and the mobility is 100 % better.  I will continue to go to Debbie for maintenance, but with the exercises that I do now, I feel able to control the issues that I have with my shoulder. "


Della Tubbs Feb 29, 2016


"Debbie has been working with me since  December 2015.  In that time I have had 7 sessions with her for my "Frozen Shoulder".  The range of motion that I have achieved is very pleasing to me. When I first came to Debbie I could barely put my arm behind my back, only being able to bring my hand to the bottom of my butt cheek. Within 5 sessions this improved to my being able to bring my hand to my tailbone.  The next 2 sessions resulted in my being able to reach my waist from behind. I am still having to manage my pain with prescription medication but have cut that down significantly as I have been using an essential oil blend that Debbie made for me that helps with the pain. In addition to "Frozen Shoulder" I also was experiencing a great deal of pain in my one leg. There was a bump on the inner part of the knee what I was unable to touch as it was so painful. Since coming to Debbie, that "bump" is virtually gone.  It has softened and is no longer tender to the touch.  Before coming to see Debbie I had tried a lot of different things to help with my conditions, but have never had the results, in such a short period of time as I have with her. "


Shirley Thorbergson March 9, 2016

“Meditative- A journey to learn about myself and positively affect others.”
“I would just say it was a healing experience that everyone should have sometime in their life.”

"From the first moment I met Debbie, I knew without hesitation that there was something VERY special about this woman. As she embraced me on her front step I felt this amazing energy of love exude from her. Having hired her for our nuptials I had no idea that I was in the presence of a Reiki Master.


On our wedding day, Debbie came to my room with her lovely energy and a message of an angel card 223 (which happened to be the room number I was staying) stating that the angels and Ascended Masters were fully supporting and encouraging me on my life path. It was a very beautiful thing to hear before heading out to say "I do"! 


Having to jet boat out to the ceremony location, then hike uphill 3km afterwards, was no small feat for any of our guests, let alone the commissioner of our wedding, but she just smiled and said, "No worries Nina, it will be fun!".   I really appreciated her easy going nature, she was such a blessing to have at our ceremony, her professionalism, easy nature and sense of fun really made it a memorable, stress free, laughter filled memory. The day wouldn't have been half as special without her.


I was lucky enough to meet up with Debbie again for a Reiki session. She is very intuitive. I felt very safe and comfortable with her. She helped me to release so much pain and open up new doors for healing myself. I am forever grateful for this encounter as it made me realize truths I had never seen before. I walked out of that session with more knowledge and more questions than I ever thought possible.


A very knowledgeable, intuitive woman who really enjoys what she does. Her gifts are abundant and she is very willing to share.  Spend an afternoon with her and you will feel it too. I look forward to my next visit with Debbie, hopefully soon for some Reiki Lessons! "


Nina Peters


Aromatouch Technique
I had one Aromatouch treatment. It is truly awesome! It was the first time I had been exposed to essential oils so I did not know what to expect. I learned that the goal is to restore homeostasis or balance which can be offset by toxic insult from our environment, stress, inflammation, among many other things which then lead to other issues. After the session I felt like I had just enjoyed a day at a spa. I felt wonderfully relaxed and renewed both mentally and physically. I highly recommend this treatment which will take up only about 45 minutes of your day but will make you feel like you had been on a week vacation
Cranio Sacral
‘I had Cranio Sacral Therapy for severe pain in my neck and migraine headache. During the treatment I experienced a state of deep relaxation and wonderful healing. I could acutally feel the pressure being released. I had been taking prescription meds for the migraines.  Have not  experienced a migraine since. 
I received a C.A.R.M.ic Intuative session in October, 2015 at the Light of the Peace Expo in Dawson Creek.  Debbie Peever is an amazing healer, kind and gentle soul. Definitely recommend all of her services! 
Amanda Molyneaux
Heart Centered Oracle


Meridian Massage & Acupoints

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