Attuning to Reiki

Have you ever had a dog cozy up to you, eliciting its rump end, particularly the hip area, insisting that you pet them and once your hand is placed, have them melt into your thigh the longer your hand remains on that area? Lady was a dog of mine who had injured her hip as a puppy. She would often behave in this exact manner, especially when it was cold and/or damp outside.

How many times have you witnessed a child fall and scrape a knee only to covet the injury by surrounding it with their hands or insisting that the person coming to their rescue do the same, making sure never to actually touch the wound?

These are examples of how animals and children seem to have the innate ability to sense what is known as REIKI Energy, while never discriminating who or where this energy comes from. These are also examples of how both animals and children know that it is unimportant whether the hand is placed directly on or over the area that requires a healing touch.

So why is this ????

I know that I may be going out on a limb with my perception on this but I happen to believe that REIKI Energy is available to everyone and that everyone has access to it with or without attunement.

The name REIKI itself translates to REI (Universal) KI (Life Force) and I simply am unable to believe that the Universe, God, Creator or any other Higher Being that is your choice of belief, would make this gift accessible to only a select few.

That being said I am by no means negating that attunement is both beneficial and very necessary if you wish to access REIKI Energy to it’s fullest. REIKI Energy is like water flowing from a tap. It is always present and always available for our use.

Reiki Energy flow without attunement is similar to opening a tap and placing a glass under the flowing water. You must be careful with the amount of force that you allow the water to flow out of the tap because if the force is too great, the water will hit the bottom of the glass and splash uncontrollably all over the place. In addition, at some point the glass will fill up and overflow, again resulting in the water flow being uncontrolled.

Now if we place a glass with no bottom, under the water flow, we are able to increase the force that the water comes out of the tap without concern of how to control its flow. It simply flows where ever we place that glass, without misdirection or concern about the amount of water coming out of the source.

Attunement to REIKI Energy allows us to control the strength and direction of this universal energy. We then have the ability to regulate how and where this energy flows and goes.

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