Confusion, Surrender, Release, Trust.

Feeling disoriented, confused, mislead?

Do you have a feeling that you need to purge, people, things, ideals?

Then you are feeling the preliminary effects of the New Moon Energy that is emerging. Wednesday, March 9 will usher in Pisces.

This energy provides opportunity to


Surrender what is leaving your life so that there is room for the new.

What are you allowing to come into your physical. mental. emotional, spiritual self?


Focus on your dreams and desires.

What is it you wish to manifest?


Self Care, Rest, Diet

Have you been making yourself a priority?

Messages are heightened and increased as a reult of this energy. Listen to your intuition, trust your hunches, have faith in what you are sensing.

Expanding your spiritual practise will inprove the connectiong with your Higher Self. Take time to be still and listen.

Artistic and creative inspirations are heightened. Journal, draw, paint - all forms in which messages are received.

What a Beautiful Opportunity to Emerge from our Cocoons - Transformation at its Best

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