Align your Human Existence with Your Soul’s Divinity.

Discover Your Soul’s Blueprint.

Begin Making Choices Based on Who You Really Are.

Break the Patterns and Clear the Blockages that Restrict You.

Experience the Fulfillment of Living a Life That is in Perfect Harmony.

Soul Realignment Reading

  • Your soul was divinely created with a specific blueprint that outlines the purpose for its creation.  Everyone of us has gifts that we were meant to share and roles that we were meant to perform. 

    When we make choices that are in alignment with this blueprint our human reality is balanced. We have a sense of fulfilment and experience health, wealth, love, abundance, creativity – in general we feel like we have a purpose. 

    Choices we make that are misaligned with who we are on a soul level, separate us from our Divinity, causing us to experience dissatisfaction, depression, disempowerment, aggression, arrogance, obsessions, addictions – a general sense of meaninglessness.  

    We create patterns that become difficult and seem impossible to break, attracting the same co-dependent relationships, unproductive situations and destructive behaviors. 


    Accessing your soul’s blueprint allows you to attain valuable information on your soul’s profile and group, your gifts, your guides, periods of history and doctrines that have influenced your soul, and blockages and restrictions that exist.\



    In addition to receiving a written report you will be taken through a realignment process that includes:

    • An indepth report 
    • A one on one meet either in person or via zoom
    • Practical and applicable proven guidance to help you move forward delivered through a 21-day imprinting process
    • Resources for the 21-day imprinting phase


    The entire process takes between 1-10 weeks depending on how many times your Akashic Records have to be accessed and when a meet time can be arranged. 


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