A Holistic Alternative to Improving Your Health

Nestled in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies in northeastern British Columbia, you will find Northern Lights Holistic Health and Healing.
Experiencing the amazing energy in this location is minutes away, whether it be the meditative attraction of Quality Falls, drinking in the vastness and electrifying energy along the banks of the Murray, or wandering the numerous trails that lead to water pools, mother nature's  many gardens of healing plants or enchanted forest and valleys that truly are santuaries. 
Debbie Peever (owner/operator of Northern Lights Holistic Health and Healing) strongly believes that the "art of healing comes from Nature..." and "spending time in Nature is healing energy..." She invites you to come and experience the canvas that has inspired her journey and ignites her passion for healing. 
"if the body is sick the mind worries and the spirit grieves"
Regain your body's natural ability to heal, balance and align itself. Choose from a number of Holistic Energy  modalities that are founded in Eastern Medicine.
"if the mind is sick the body and the spirit suffer from its confusion"
Gain knowledge, the tools and training, from many  training opporutnities and workshops that Debbie offers.  Enabling you to  travel the path your are meant to with confidence. 
Spirit "
"if the spirit is sick there will be no will to care for the mind and body"
Discover how to access your inner wisdom and listen to your soul's messages.  Learn to  communciate with your heart center. Receive intuitivly interpreted and channelled information that is necessary for you to know at this present time. Gain access to the information that makes up  your Akashic Records and aquire the understanding and the ability to correct reoccuring patterns that may be disabling your soul's evolution. 

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