Words of Encouragement from Archangel Gabriel and Sandalphon

Thank you to Adele for  providing the sounds of spirit and Archangels Gabriel and Sandalphon for the words.

Heart Centered Messages are a conversation with your higher self.


Connection with the Heart Center predominately allows the decisions you make to come from your feelings  rather than your logical brain.


Because you are guided from your heart space, the messsages come in the form  of  singular  images, feelings and words. (typically 1-3 maximum at at time - sentences, drawn out explanations etc. are from another source)


A typical session is conducted much like a traditional reading.  The participant will often have questions that they are seeking answers to. 

The major difference is that the answers come from Spirit, your Higher Self.

The messages that are communicated are ones that are necessary for the receiver to have now at this present time and may have very little or nothing to do with the questions asked during the session. 


It is best to come with an open mind and open heart. 


Experience connecting at this level through the 

Facilitation of guided messages – involving crystals, oracle cards, automatic writing and automatic drawing.

Hello, from your higher self.

So much   soul  information   with in you resides.


It's time now for you to open your heart.

Breathe deep, stay focused and you'll  learn the part

that you play.









Hello from your higher self.

There's much support for  you to help guide,

you to all the places that you need to be .


Simply listen with love and you will receive,

all you need. 


Hello - String Tribute to Adele - VSQ Performs The Hits of 2015 Vol. 3
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Heart Centered Training


Connection with your Heart Center is a very easy technique to learn and master with training and practise.  In fact it is the innate way in which we were meant to connect with Spirit.

Many people have experienced a physical pull of the Heart towards something.  This is common however what is also common is our inability to trust in the meassage received. As a result we dismiss the message, often with regret. Thus it is also very common to come to the realaization  that you may have actually been using this form of communication but never knew how it really worked, where it really came from or the purpose it served. 

Founded in tradiional Reiki Grounding Technique, the student learns how to link the two chakras that  govern our ability to empower and unconditionally and intuitivley sense truth and integrity.

Once mastered, use of this connection enables us to live from this space where heart is connected with your HigherSelf fully and you become able to let the Heart and the HigherSelf take the drivers seat. 
Once you become consciously aware of this connection and have the tools to access it,  your life becomes magical.  Your Higher Self  tells you things you otherwise would not know or trust to guess. You “just know things” to be true or know things that you would not normally know.  You develop an undeniable faith that allows you to trust and never question the guidance given.

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