Colin Burke

30 minute session In Person or Distant

All living things that need oxygen to survive generate a large magnetic field that can be sensed, felt and even seen around the physical body. Your Aura reveals information about you through color, lines, shapes and symbols. Colin has taken the world of technology and adapted it to display this energy found in our Auras.  In addition, he will also do a detailed read of the imaging for those that wish to have this information.


Debbie Peever

30 minute session In Person or Distant

We have all incarnated here on earth to experience being human and thus evolving on a soul level.  We have an Outer Circle and Inner Circle of Spirit Guides that have been assigned or we have “hired” to guide and assist us with this little adventure, none of which are passed loved ones.  Guides are non-physical entities.  They present themselves to us in ways that make sense to us (humans, animals, mythological creatures, geometric shapes blobs of color etc).  Each one of your Spirit Guides, has a specific reason for joining you on your journey.  This 30 minute session is an opportunity to meet with and be introduced to SOME of those guides.  

APRIL 8 & 9, 2017

Tumbler Ridge, BC

Aura Pic ONLY  $15.00

Aura Pic and Detailed Read $35.00

Spirit Guide Reading ONLY $35.00




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